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Resident Spotlight: Jefferis Square

ene. 06, 2020


Jefferis Sq Residents Blog Feature Image

In an unusual twist, we are celebrating a resident moving out of one of our apartments.

Our goal is to keep residents living at our properties for as long as possible. It takes less time, resources, and effort to keep a current resident happy and living at one of our properties than it does to find a new one. But we also are committed to providing residents with a safe and affordable place to live and providing programs and services that allow our residents to live successfully and improve their overall quality of life.

Carla Alexander, her husband Quentin Barriner, and their two daughters moved to Jefferis Square apartments in Chester, Pennsylvania, on April 1st of 1998. They have lived at the community ever since, for more than 21 years. When you consider that the average resident household lives in one of our apartments for about five and a half years, this is an extraordinary length of time.

Even though it means their moving out, we are thrilled to congratulate Carla and Quentin on the purchase of their first home just before the holidays.

Their sentiments on moving from Jefferis Square are what you would expect from people who have resided in the same location for more than two decades. “I’m going to miss my neighbors,” said Carla. “We watched a lot of kids grow up around here. The kids in the neighborhood would go off to college and come back to visit us.”

Living at Jefferis Square was “peaceful, everything was pretty good,” said Quentin of how they remember their time at the community.

Make no mistake, we will miss having Carla and Quentin as part of the Pennrose fabric. But, we wish them, their daughters, Rosalyn and Aja, and their grandson, Chase, all of the best in their new home. Congratulations!